Filipa Faria de Carvalho

Power Within
Light Your Fire
Out of the Blue
Blue Fire
Filipa de Carvalho | Artist

Filipa Faria de Carvalho is a Portuguese artist who was fortunate enough to grow up and live in numerous continents and countries, learning several languages as a result. While artistic drive was present from an early age, it was through her BA in Business & Hotel Management which further exposed her to different cultures and philosophies, that prompted a desire to pursue a career in art. Her lifetime of travel is reflected in her artwork as a continual source of inspiration. Filipa´s fascination with the diverse landscapes of the universe, in particular their interconnectedness, was a main source of creativity. This collection of paintings intends to mirror both the vastness of our galaxy, along with its delicate and intricate details; whilst simultaneously inspiring the limitless imagination residing in the collective consciousness. The techniques used were a mixture of acrylics, resin and mixed media, creating a combination of textures reflecting both the depth and subtlety of the metaphysical.

"Painting is a unique portal that allows me to express the beauty I see in this world beyond the mundane. I believe that what we see externally and our perception of an art piece is a direct reflection of our experiences, limitations and dreams.”